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Educator Information:

Current Exhibits:

The Great Outdoors - Come explore in the 30ft indoor treehouse, find animal tracks and scat, learn about pollinators and arthropods or climb our indoor climbing wall.  

Main Street - Children will have fun role-playing in our grocery store, pizza parlor, post office and vet clinic. There is a nice library space with child-sized chairs and lots of books on all reading levels, for children to read.

Music Heard Around the World - Kids can play chimes from china, Native American drums or rattles from Africa in this space.

Turtles vs Tortoise - Meet Jack, Flash and Sophie our two tortoises and one turtle. Learn about the many differences between these little guys.

Garden for Littles - We have an area secluded within a cute picket fence for visitors under 4 years old with lots to do in a safe place. 

The Amazing Human Body  - Kids can drive the ambulance, look at real x-rays on a light screen, put a skeleton puzzle together and learn about health and nutrition in this area.

The World Wildlife Experience - We have a one-of-a-kind wildlife exhibit consisting of more than 100 species of animals in this exhibit. Come and see animals from around the globe that you would never have the opportunity to see in just one room! 

Exhibits in the works....

*Planes, Trains & Automobiles

*STEM for Everyone

*Pioneer Town

*From Farm to Table

For any questions or to schedule a field trip, contact staceyfast@gmail.com

Here is a list of all the animals included in our Wildlife Exhibit: World Wildlife Experience Exhibit Animals.pdf

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